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Providing so much more than just a bookkeeping service

We help you understand your past performance and plan for the future.

Lightening the workload

Are you neglecting that paperwork?

Do you dread having to deal with that ever growing pile of receipts?

Are you spending your weekends and evenings desperately trying to catch up?

Cloud Accounting

Would you like to have 24/7 access to up-to-date financial information and reports?

Do you want to know who has paid you and who owes you money?

Would you like to be able to access your information on any device when you’re on the go?

Transforming your business

Do you wish you had more time to develop your business?

Would you like your business to steadily grow and be more successful?

Do you want to spend your free time with the people you love and doing the things you love?

Adminease Bookkeeping

As your business grows it can get harder to keep on top of all the day-to-day routine administration. When this happens, your efforts are best used in what you do best – the building and delivery of your business – At Adminease we specialise in working with small businesses to turn the pain of doing the books into an easy task.

Computers and software have been used in offices for more than a quarter of a century. In that time, many new types of technology have emerged.

Each time new technology appears – whether it’s laptops, the internet, mobile phones – people take time to get used to it. They adapt in different ways and at different speeds. This applies to cloud accounting software too.

We specialise in cloud accounting systems and processes that take full advantage of all the new technology available to us, we provide full training and support to ease your way through this transition.


You love your business, we’ll love your books

What we can do for you

Business Start-ups

Don’t let starting your own business daunt you. There’s lots to think about and do, but with the right support we can take it step by step and turn your ideas into reality.

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Cloud Accounting

Business moves fast these days. It's vital to use cloud technology if you want to keep up, because the cloud allows you to have access to real-time information - This will help you become far more productive and efficient.

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Help Your business grow

Cloud accounting software can give you the insight you need to make informed decisions about where you want your business to be in one, three, five years time and what you need to do to get there.

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"Adminease do all of our bookkeeping and i could not recommend the services more. We have become more productive and financially sound since having Trudy on board. THANKS"

Tim Harrison – Allwood Furniture Warehouse

""First class, helpful, friendly, informative and professional. Could not do without them. I would recommend Trudy to anyone.""

James Keyser – Scimitar Clean Ltd

"Trudy is worth her weight in gold."

Rod Dixon – Chichester Driveways and Landscapes Ltd

"Trudy set up a limited company for me, introduced me to a really good accountant and then acted as a go between for us. She setup weekly income and outgoings forms for us to record our company finances and she keeps all of our receipts and invoices in order and fills in all company forms for the inland revenue, vat man, etc. Trudy has made running my landscaping business much easier, I don't have to worry about official letters or tax returns anymore, if I get anything like that through the post I just ring Trudy up and tells me what I need to do, or does it for me. A great communicator and a real star. Thank you Trudy."

Cliff Dixon – Chichester Driveways and Landscapes Ltd

"Heavily in debt and useless with money I accepted the help offered by Trudy. Red bills, threatening letters and junk mail are all that hit my doormat on an almost daily basis. I handed all my paperwork to Trudy and like magic, the letters stopped. Short of sealing up my letterbox I thought it would never end. Trudy is a miracle worker. All I have now to greet in the morning is the junk mail, the Hair Replacement Therapies, cures for impotence and offers for loans. What makes them think I am suffering from hair loss?"

Steve Hunter

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