Making Tax Digital
We will make you ready for Making Tax Digital

With all the advantages of cloud accounting, overall efficiency and productivity are greatly improved. You can spend more time focusing on revenue-generating activities. Seeing your data streamlined gives you a clear overview of your finances at a glance.

These advantages, among others, are why businesses are switching to a cloud infrastructure for their accounting.

Decision making

Where did the cash go? Am I making money, and if so how much? How much free cash do I have right now? Can I afford to take on more staff or buy that new piece of machinery? Can I move to larger premises next year? When can I retire?

With ‘real time’ information Adminease can help you plan for the future using it’s budgeting and cash flow projections.

Management Accounting

It’s very important to get into the habit of setting aside a regular time to review your numbers. It may be a struggle at first if you’re not used to it, but making financial management part of your routine pays off in the long run. Only then are you able to react to any potential problems, such as the impact on your cash flow if you have non-paying customers.

At Adminease we provide the information you need to allow you to stay one step ahead.

What are KPIs?

A KPI is a key performance indicator. It’s a way of measuring the important aspects of a business.

They simplify complex data into easily understandable targets that help to focus the mind on specific areas of your businesses that need improving.

A KPI is a clear, obvious goal that anyone can understand and aim for whether it’s the profitability of a specific project, the conversion rates or sales of individual sales staff or just a basic month by month or year by year comparative analysis – they help decision makers assess the current situation and make informed, real time decisions.

So KPIs are core statistics. They can help measure progress towards business goals – whatever those goals may be.

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